Legal documents are complicated, and attorneys can be expensive.

When it’s time to file, know your options.
Significant life events require filing the correct legal documentation. You need an expert to handle the process precisely and expeditiously at a price that meets your budget.
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We offer guided document preparation & notary services at the right price.

Virtual Legal Services will identify and prepare your required legal documents, then help you file. Our guided process is virtual, fast, and, in many cases, more cost-effective than hiring an attorney.
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We’ll identify the legal documents and information required to achieve your goal and inform you of any filing deadlines.
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We’ll correctly prepare your legal documents according to local and state law. Once complete, we’ll review it together.
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Once we’ve prepared and reviewed your legal documents, we’ll help get everything into the right hands before the deadline.
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Start today with a free, no obligation appointment.

When preparing legal documents, you have more options than going it alone or hiring an expensive attorney. Contact us today for your free appointment.
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Our Guarantee

At Virtual Legal Services, we strive to prepare your documents correctly and expeditiously the first time. If for any reason we fail to live up to those expectations, we will work until it’s fixed.
"Nicole’s financial background has been instrumental in her understanding of discovery organization and her ability to assist our lawyers with discovery preparation."
Sara Singer, ESQ
The Law Offices of Sara J. Singer, p.a.
Legal Document Preparer, Florida