der of Virtual Legal Services

Nicole Modica

Paralegal and Founder, Virtual Legal Services

Navigating the judicial system can be a tricky process. Either you're an attorney whose hard work graduating law school, passing the Bar, and growing your firm has paid off, and you're now in need of litigation support, or you're a normal citizen facing a challenging legal dilemma. Either way: your time and resources are valuable. Engaging Virtual Legal Service assistance (in the form of a paralegal, for licensed US attorneys in good ABA standing, or for help preparing legal documents by engaging a non-lawyer familiar with your issue) is an ideal way to accomplish your goals.

Nicole is uniquely positioned to offer Paralegal, Nonlawyer Legal Document Preparation, and Public Notary support. Since graduating from the Univerity of Florida in 2008, she has consistently worked with domestic and international legal processes in the multi-family housing and consumer finance industries. Our mission is to provide strong analytical and investigative skills paired with articulate, precise communication to achieve your tasks in the most time and cost-effective manner.

Working (virtually) one-on-one with Nicole ensures the completion of in-house tasks with clear deliverables without the overhead and turnover of traditional employees. Some weeks you may need more assistance than others, or time-sensitive documents may need prioritization before an important deadline. The beauty of engaging Virtual Legal Services with Nicole is having that flexible schedule with a detailed focus on your specific needs. There are no temporary employees leaving with all the intricacies of your preferred work style here. The effort invested in this relationship directly reduces your cost while increasing workflow stability and optimizing the resulting work product. Her paralegal services are exclusively reserved for licensed attorneys in the US, whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a larger law firm.

The Supreme Court of Florida recognizes non-lawyers as individuals able to assist the public with the completion and filing of certain legal documents. Nicole is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice. Always consult an attorney with specific legal concerns. Once ready to proceed, rest assured your documents will be competently completed, on time, and properly. You may choose to represent yourself for some matters, but that does not mean you have to do so alone.